September 29, 2017

Success story from reader Gonzalo Zariaga

Reader Gonzalo Zariaga sent in this wonderful success story. I think you’ll find it inspiring (shared with permission, unedited):

Hey Jonathan,

Just wanted to share I just closed my second productized service in a 20-minute call. I offer my analytic brain as a service.

I dig analytics helping SaaS founders take actionable steps to grow their business. Unlike other Analytics consultants, I won’t waste your valuable time with time spreadsheets as I charge a fixed monthly fee.

My first client was a former client, I told him about my new productized service, and he paid for the first month the following day.

As soon as I finished my first month with this client (my only client), I created a testimonial asking the 6 testimonial questions Sean D’Souza uses in Brain Audit (I know you know them).

This week I found a company that had in their job description most of the things I have under my productized service scope. Instead of sending a CV/Resume, I emailed the CEO (7 figures ARR SaaS) the testimonial from my only client. He saw it yesterday and asked for a meeting right away; we met today.

I closed this client just following a questionnaire I created; I asked questions during the whole meeting and by the end of the meeting the prospect told me and I quote:

“I’m very impressed with what you know and the kind of questions you are asking.”

The funny thing is that I told him almost nothing, I just asked questions that go deep trying to get the pain that made him create the job post. The big hairy WHY behind the job post.

Just asking questions about his business and his pain was enough to become an “expert.” Then I told him the price:

1500 USD the first month and then 900 USD a month. (the first month is more labor-intensive, then is more brain than hands). He told OK right away and asked her secretary to start the paperwork.

That may not seem much in the USA but here in Argentina it’s good money that I earn in a few hours, I can take easily five clients and still work less than my full-time job (5 clients is 3X my old salary)

My goal is to get five clients by the end of the year.

By the way, I still have not created a website for this service. I sent this from my personal Gmail account.



Thanks for sharing, Gonzalo!

There is so much good stuff in here that I barely know where to start:

And to top it all off, he has done all of this without setting up a website for his business. Well done, Gonzalo!