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Jonathan Stark is a former software developer who is on a mission to rid the world of hourly billing. He is the author of Hourly Billing Is Nuts, the host of Ditching Hourly, and writes a daily newsletter on pricing for independent professionals.

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Stop reading this quote and hire Jonathan. If you’re still not sure, call me and I’ll read this quote to you again.

Sean Boyce, NxtStep Consulting

Jonathan, I watched the Altitude of Involvement recording last week and now I have your worksheet etched in my mind. It will change how I run my business. Thank you!

-Rósa Stefánsdóttir

If you are a freelancer, or if you want to quit your job and become one, then I highly recommend that you consume every piece of content created by Jonathan Stark. There’s a ton of great, free stuff on his website as well as a daily email newsletter, and his podcast, The Business of Authority, together with Rochelle Moulton.

Neville Mehra

Jonathan, The Freelancer’s Road Map is the first book I have read cover to cover without falling asleep... just realised! Thank you for that, well worth the money and is now a ’bible’ I am bouncing back to for ideas when work is quiet, thanks for that too.

– Jenny Howes, Jenny Howes Design

Jonathan, This is a really profound post, at least for me right now. I’ve been wrestling with this concept but without knowing it. The way you’ve phrased it brings so much clarity. Thank you! Frederick

Frederick Buskey

OMG Jonathan this is brilliant and so bag on the money! Just home from a Joomla conference and this was the first email I opened. So grateful for your insights. Have a super day! Alison

Alison Meeks

Jonathan is probably the best person to follow online if you’re trying to grow your expert business... If you’re a developer, designer or a consultant you should definitely listen to Jonathan’s advice, implement it and you will see results soon :)

Andriy Haydash

Jonathan, you are good!! I read every email you send. I love your style and how you use analogies to get readers to understand what you’re teaching. Thank you for your consistency and wisdom.

Terri Podlenski, Founder at Smart Creative Labs

Would I recommend Private Coaching with Jonathan? Hell yeah. He stopped me from making dozens of missteps along the way. Hiring him means protection from the downside and a straighter line to the upside potential of what I’m trying to accomplish. He fundamentally changed the direction of my future for the better.

Kevin Whelan

Jonathan, The Introduction Game exercise has been SO INCREDIBLY VALUABLE! And has secured your newsletter as the best one I’ve ever read! Thank you!

Katie Milton

It’s genius, Jonathan!!! Thanks a mil for sharing that!

Daniel Ivanov

WIN! just got back a signed proposal for a retainer client using Jonathan’s exact template and won the deal! Client went through my ISO roadmap first and was happy to move forward with the planned proposal. The extra awesome thing is she wants to move up to option 2 of the proposal in 3 months!

— Isha Bell

Hey J, I signed up for a lot of email lists, however when it comes to yours I swear to God I have never seen so much value in my life. For. Free. Like damn. Thank you so much J. You’re amazing.

– Mahmoud Ahmed

Amazing talk today, Jonathan! In one fell swoop you have solved a few of my biggest frustrations (niggly scope creep, competing on price, etc.)

— Meredith Eisenberg

Brilliant email J. Loved it. I don’t generally respond to emails but you are the exception. The value you provide is excellent. Thanks

– Samir Patnaik

GOD I LOVE THIS. What a fabulous email.

Tom Kerwin

I’ve thoroughly been enjoying Jonathan’s Ditching Hourly podcast. It’s changed my life, even though I haven’t fully integrated those practices into my daily routine; that’s a longer story. 😉

– Robert Hall, Co-founder of DataSynq

Holy sh*t, nuggets like this are why I love your daily mails.

Jeff Jenkinson


This is solid gold! I have been struggling with how to deal with this myself. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Tommy Carouso

Thank you, Jonathan!

Your emails are so valuable, I just realized that I’ve been marking every single one of them with a star. I’ve never done that to anyone else’s newsletter.

Chris Howard

Jonathan’s book increased my revenue by 1000%! I’m actually winning projects at 10x the hourly rate I used to make. In the past quarter, I banked six months salary. Honestly, the feeling of knowing you have 6mo in the bank is freedom beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Marcus Blankenship

Jonathan, I landed a $25k monthly contract on account of the advice in your book. Thank you a thousand times over!!

Sam Selikoff

I used Jonathan’s retainer template to land a support and mentoring contract. The client got peace of mind and the assistance they needed, and I got an effective hourly rate of close to $1,000!

Ben Clinkinbeard

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