Mobile Strategy for Senior Executives

Hi! My name is Jonathan Stark and I’m a mobile strategy consultant who helps senior executives transition their business to mobile. I’ve worked with companies like CVS, Staples, Time, Nokia, and many others on their mobile strategy, tactics, and training. Unlike other consultants, clients work directly with me and not a group of junior employees who are learning on the job.

What sorts of things does Jonathan do?

  • Presentations to upper management about the scope of change presented by mobile computing and the likely directions it will take in the next 3-5 years. Outcomes are management buy-in, organizational alignment.
  • Planning sessions with stakeholders for large scale responsive web design projects. Outcomes are process/workflow definitions, tactical responses to unique challenges of responsive design.
  • Workshops for web teams on responsive design, progressive enhancement, hybrid HTML5 apps, and other critical aspects of creating digital products in a diverse computing landscape. Outcome is an immediate increase in productivity and effectiveness of web teams.

Why should we hire Jonathan?

If your business doesn’t reinvent itself for mobile, your business is over. We’ll work together to make your new and existing mobile experiences better in the near-term, while creating a foundation to support the next wave of connected devices in the long-term.

Wait... Next wave of connected devices?

Mobile computing as we know it is just one application of wireless technology, and a fairly limited one at that. The iPhone—perhaps the most advanced piece of consumer electronics ever created—is going to look like a fax machine compared to what’s coming in the next 3-5 years.

As revolutionary as smartphones are, they’re merely a warning shot—the coming wireless wave will profoundly disrupt every sector of the economy: retail, health care, tourism, hospitality, financial services, insurance, construction, and so on. Most businesses are not prepared for this shift and are at risk of being disrupted from below by relative unknowns.

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