July 15, 2021

“What do you do when a 100% up-front project gets canceled halfway through?” and more…

In today’s group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Good stuff!

Here are the questions I answered today:

Submitted a retainer proposal about a month ago; and gave a month expiration. It expired a few days ago. Sent a follow up today and received a response that budget approval wouldn’t come until August at earliest. How do I handle this since I have already told client in writing that the proposal would expire on a given date? (timestamp: 1m 20s)

I’m booked out with retainer clients through the end of the year (thanks in part to a lot of the things you talk about here!). I’m considering adding a group coaching offering to expand my impact & take on more clients w/ less time investment. Thoughts? Advice? Things you would do differently the 2nd time around? (timestamp: 8m 39s)

Can you talk a bit about the pros and cons of using formal contracts with clients vs. just having a proposal with some plain language terms spelled out (and getting paid while you still have leverage)? (timestamp: 16m 29s)

How to convince ideal buyers to talk to “get the insights” for copywriting material? I’m becoming more and more aware that I speak my own language and not theirs. I’m in the process of rewriting a productized offer. (timestamp: 26m 59s)

In a previous group coaching session the topic of prospecting came up. I was wondering what avenues you recommend for prospecting. As a tutor for a standardized exam I was thinking Reddit communities for the test might be a good place to start. What are your thoughts on that? (timestamp: 33m 18s)

Have you even run into a scenario where you were paid 100% upfront for a project, delivered some of the services (call it 40%), but then the client decides to cancel the project? Do you give them a partial refund or credit for future services, or do they usually just look at it as sunk cost and move on without complaint? (timestamp: 45m 45s)

Follow up on the prospecting question. Is it a bad idea to re-publish the responses I create for people on Reddit later as blog posts, etc. So not sending people to a blog post from Reddit, but creating materials from those materials to publish elsewhere. Seems like it would be an efficient way to create content while prosopecting. (timestamp: 56m 45s)

(If you’re curious, you can review the entire list of past questions here)

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