June 26, 2021

Success story from reader Nick Poe

Fellow list member Nick Poe replied to a recent message with a success story that I think will inspire (shared with permission, edited slightly for clarity):

On freaking target.

I’ve been implementing your insights into our book design firm and our revenue growth is wild. My family and my employees are enjoying fuller lives, in part, thanks to this email list.

Our per client billing has increased by roughly 44%. Price anchoring has been instrumental. Can’t believe how much money we used to leave on the table.

We’ve kind of carved a niche for ourselves in the clergy/faith/theology world with design and manual development.

What’s crazy, too, about our increased rates is that I’m now profusely getting clients who come and specifically ask for consulting with no deliverables except verbal advice and they’ll pay a lot for it. That didn’t happen before. I guess people think that if the price is cheap, the advice probably will be too.

Always grateful.


Although he didn’t say it specifically in his message, I imagine the “anchoring” that Nick mentioned might be a reference to my Goldilocks pricing used in a project proposal that offers three options.

If you write proposals for project work, switching to this approach can be a game-changer.