June 25, 2021

Take a number

Do you know someone good who fixes guitars?

I’ve got a 30+ year old Martin D-28 acoustic that I let dry out and the binding split from the soundboard ;-(

Trouble is, I’ve been out of the music scene so long that I don’t know anyone qualified to restore this beauty to it’s former glory.

Well, I didn’t until last night.

One of my software buddies who’s still active in the music scene was over our house for “patio pizza”.

I asked if he knew a luthier good enough to work on a vintage Martin and he immediately had a Rolodex moment.

He said:

“You want Bert Hermark. I’ll make an introduction. He’s a bit eccentric, but he’s a genius.”

(I’m paraphrasing and changed the dude’s name, but that’s more or less the gist of it.)

So my friend made an email introduction. Bert replied the next day to say that he could do it, but not until the last week of July at the earliest.

That’s more than four weeks away!

Which raises the question:

“What kind of luthier has a four week waiting list?!”


A good one.

Here’s the thing…

If things go well for your business, you will eventually have to politely say “No” to clients who want your attention immediately.

And that’s fine!

Having a waiting list is a great indication that you are an in-demand, recognized expert.

But better yet?

It’s usually the best sort of clients who are willing to wait.