May 7, 2021

Positioning teardown request from reader Alexander Fridman

Fellow list member Alexander Fridman emailed to request a positioning statement teardown. I think the ensuing thread might be useful to you (shared with permission, edited slightly for clarity):


How does it sound for a positioning statement?

“I lower software R&D costs for startups by providing correct, efficient, scalable and affordable software architecture design.”


It’s a good start!

IMHO you could simplify it down to this:

“I help startups lower their R&D costs.”

(NOTE: By leaving out the bits about HOW you do this, it forces the reader to ask, “But how?” which starts a conversation)

I suspect you would benefit from getting even more specific (and bold), like:

“I help growth stage software startups cut their R&D costs in half.”

Thanks for your note, Alexander :-)


Jonathan - you are awesome as always!

BTW, You are spot on with “growth stage”. As early stage/seed startups don’t give a rat’s arse regarding correct software design. They want to ship before the money runs out.


Great! Happy to help 😊

Nailing your positioning supercharges your marketing efforts.

If you have be engaging in marketing activities (e.g., blogging, emailing, podcasting, social media, outreach, etc) but haven’t gotten any meaningful results, I’d be willing to bet that your positioning is too soggy.



P.S. If you’d like to read a whole bunch of positioning teardowns, you might enjoy this 57 page PDF where I review and revise 20+ positioning statements sent in by readers just like you.

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