Examples of Soggy Positioning

Below is a collection of actual positioning statements related to software development I consider to be especially “soggy” (i.e., the opposite of a laser-focused positioning statement).

This page is not meant as a dig toward the people who wrote these positioning statements, but rather as a cautionary tale for others. This stuff is hard and I don’t blame anyone for falling into this rampant anti-pattern.

My hope is that reading through this list will re-calibrate your “soggy detector” so that the next time you need to position your own business, it’ll be easier to avoid falling into the soggy trap.

NOTE: If you think one of the following headlines was grabbed from your site, I ask you this: How can you be sure?

Soggy Positioning Statements

As you are reading through each of the following, ask yourself, “Who do I know who I might recommend this company to?”

Experience digital with us.

Growing Your Business with Trust Generation

We make ideas simple, visual, and influential.

Moving aspiring groups toward great outcomes.

Human Brands for Business People

We embrace the humanity in business to build brands that have emotional resonance.

A creative production company with a passion for interactivity.

I love working with great people on hard problems and shipping code that makes the world a better place.

We embrace technologies in both web and mobile to create engaging user experiences.

We have a simple mission; to work with our client partners to make brilliant work that works.

We help forward thinking companies create modern software.

We are an online workplace based in the united states, that is designed to meet the needs of every client’s vision.

We offer design and development services to those looking for an experienced, reliable and creative partner.

We push brands to solve tough problems with innovation. It's exactly what we're built to do.

We're an emerging tech agency that builds breakthrough products.

Clients and the public respond powerfully to our work because we unlock the reasons why brands are loved and then create inspiring and hugely effective communications.

We help startups and enterprises to build intuitive software with the most innovative technologies.

We create experiences for the connected world.

We bring craftsmanship to branding, digital experiences, and e-commerce.

We dive in and deliver an experience that connects with people.

We bring ambitious ideas to life. Strong design fundamentals and an interdisciplinary approach make it happen.

We have a passion for creating elegant solutions to the most complex problems.

Our passion is to build beautiful, functional apps & websites.

We develop paradigm-shifting ideas for premium brands ready to seize the moment.

Have you seen an especially soggy positioning statement? Please send it to me at jstark@jonathanstark.com for consideration. Thanks!

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