October 30, 2016

From generalist to specialist with Philip Morgan

In keeping with our recent focus on specializing for fun and profit, I’d like to call your attention this killer interview with positioning guru Philip Morgan:


Here’s the description:

In this episode of The Creative Business Podcast I talk to positioning expert, Philip Morgan. Philip is author of ’The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms’ and talks to me about how you can make the move from generalist to specialist. It’s generally accepted that most creative businesses begin life as generalists. You open the doors for business and you take on pretty much any job that hits your inbox. Now this can work for a very long time. In fact some consultants and agencies stay like this forever, but there is another path...That of the specialist. You’re probably a specialist in an aspect of your job right now, even if you don’t realise it. So what might happen if you could tap into that speciality and position yourself as an expert...What might happen?