October 29, 2016

“Cheapest” is not the unique difference you’re looking for...

Let’s step back for a second and put all of this talk about positioning yourself as a specialist into a pricing context.

If your prospects can’t really tell you apart from your competitors, they only have one concrete factor to consider:


I know that you’re different from your competitors, and you know that you’re different from your competitors, but if your prospects cant tell the difference, they’re going to hire the cheapest. This is how the race to the bottom starts.

The race to the top starts with you making yourself so unique and desirable that your prospects CAN tell the difference.

As you become more highly differentiated, one day you’ll discover that you no longer have any serious competitors.

Your prospects will no longer judge your price against some other provider; they’ll judge your price against the benefits that you deliver.

As you might imagine, this has a very positive impact on your income.