10-Day Systems Challenge

An interactive online workshop designed to help you create leverage in your business.

Decrease Your Labor • Increase Your Productivity • Get More Done

Are you sick of putting out fires all week?

Ever since my interview with the author of The Leverage Equation, I’ve been super excited about the benefits of creating systems leverage. So excited, in fact, that I created a 10-Day Systems Challenge to help us all get better at it.

The challenge consists of ten exercises, one sent every weekday for two weeks. Each exercise will move you closer to systematizing parts of your business in order to decrease your labor and increase your results.

If you’d like to be notified when the next session of 10DSC launches, add your email address to the announcement list below. Hope to see you there!

Any questions? Email me at jstark@jonathanstark.com and I’ll answer ASAP!