May 22, 2024

It’s understandable, but...

If you bill yourself out by the hour, I can understand why you might think that what your clients are buying is your time.

But clients aren’t buying your time!

What are they buying?

Clients are buying your contribution to an outcome they hope to achieve.

When you present them with a price for your assistance (a PRICE, not an hourly rate or an estimate), they will subconsciously judge whether or not it is acceptable using something like the following mental math:

Their perceived value of the outcome TIMES how much they believe you can contribute to helping them reach it.

So if the value to them is $100k and they believe your contribution will increase their odds of success by 10%, then quoting $10k for your part is likely to be accepted REGARDLESS of how much time it will take you.

In fact, the less time it takes you, the better it is for them.