May 23, 2024

Too cheap to meter?

Here’s a mind-bending quote from Sam Altman of OpenAI:

“We should all hope for a world where intelligence is too cheap to meter.”

I posted this on LinkedIn a couple of days ago, and the discussion in the comments is bonkers.

A few clear themes cropped up:

  1. People debating what “intelligence” even means
  2. Claims that this is just self-serving BS from (yet) another tech huckster
  3. Cries of “But what about the IP theft/environmental impact?!”

Here’s the thing...

It’s fine if people want to grind their axes in a comment thread on one of my posts.

But my intent wasn’t to take sides on any of those things, one way or the other.

It was simply a call to come up with a list of things that computers will never be better at than humans.

Just in case.