June 15, 2020

Jonathan Stark on Fixed Project Pricing & the Value of Podcasting

Ernesto Gluecksmann from Through The Noise interviewed me recently about hourly billing (of course) but also about the value of having podcast. It was a bit different than most interviews I do because of the dual nature of his show.


Episode description:

Jonathan Stark joined us on the show to talk about the best way to charge for your work - as he does on his own podcast, Ditching Hourly - and discuss the value podcasting has when it comes to reaching your audience and adding value to your business. Jonathan and Ernesto spoke at length on the flaws of hourly billing, because your value is in your result, not your time, and because efficiency is not rewarded in this method. As the topic turned to podcasting, Jonathan shared all the benefits a podcast can have for your business as Ernesto shared the experience he has had with Through The Noise. Tune in to learn more about improving your own work!


“Your clients don’t want your time, they want an outcome, and if you can deliver that outcome more quickly you should be rewarded for it, not punished for it. The better you get at your job, the more you are punished by hourly billing.”—Jonathan Stark 

Talking Points: