February 16, 2024

What if I can’t get my ideal buyers to sign up for my SaaS?

Let’s say you have a lot of experience in a particular vertical - maybe something pretty specific like “hydroponic farming” or whatever - and you’ve built the MVP of a SaaS product to sell to buyers in your chosen target market.

Okay, but what do you do if you find out none of them will give you the time of day?

Like, none of them care about your MVP at all?

You could try to change their minds.

Or you could change your thinking.

For example, instead of selling the SaaS to your target buyers, sell services to them and use your own SaaS to decrease the level of effort it takes to delight them.

Assuming you are using fixed prices of some kind, decreasing your effort will translate into increased profits for you.

Just a thought.