February 17, 2024

High-Value vs Low-Value Language

One of the simplest things you can do to start projecting more value is to replace low-value language with high-value language when asked what you do.

For example...

Which of the following would you expect to command higher fees?

A. Pipefitter
B. Master Plumber

A. Machinist
B. Mechanical Engineer

A. Gardener
B. Landscape Architect

“B” in every case, right?

Now, let’s try it with something closer to home:

A. Freelancer
B. Consultant

A. Web App Developer
B. Web Application Consultant

A. Web Designer
B. Digital Marketing Strategist

A. Copywriter
B. Communications Consultant

A. Analyst
B. Data Scientist


B, B, B, B, and B.

Here’s the thing...

I’m not saying that every person who is currently a self-described “A” is qualified to present themselves as my corresponding “B” example.

I’m merely pointing out that the B examples project higher value.

If you’re currently using one of the “A” terms, how could you change it to project more value while still accurately reflecting what you do?