February 15, 2024

Tough Love Checklist

Yesterday, 87 people registered for my Tough Love Teardown, 56 people attended live, and 29 were courageous enough to submit their website for me to review in front of the group.


That’s a lot of websites to review.

In fact, I only got through 17 of them before the webinar software hit its four-hour maximum and booted everyone out.

You read that right...

I reviewed websites for four. solid. hours.

(High fives to everyone who stayed until the bitter end 🙌)

Some sites were actually really good and didn’t take long to review.

Most took a while.

The recording is currently still available here:


It’s super long, but it might be useful to at least watch some of it because several recurring patterns cropped up.

In fact, the patterns correspond to the checklist of questions that I ask myself as I review a web page.

Here they are (in order of importance):

Tough Love Checklist

  1. Do I have a ROLODEX MOMENT?
  2. Is the PROMISE crystal clear?
  3. Does the solution seem CREDIBLE?
  4. Does the solution seem UNIQUE?
  5. Is it obvious what ACTION to take?
  6. Are my FEARS addressed?

It would probably be close to impossible for you to answer these questions honestly on your own website, but you could have a buddy review your page and grade you on each item.

It might be a little scary to open yourself up to criticism, but if your site isn’t moving the needle for your business, there’s nowhere to go but up.