August 21, 2023

Are you tired?

Running your own business can be exhausting.

There’s an endless list of things to do...

But the thing that I think really burns out people like us is this:


As a solo business owner, you have nobody to bounce ideas off of.

Every decision rest solely on you.

Sure, you have family and friends who you trust, but they don’t get what running a business like yours is like.

They probably don’t even understand what you do for a living.

But what if...

What if you could connect with other business owners who really “get” what it’s like to be you?

What if you could bounce ideas off of people who run businesses that are a lot like yours?

What if you could stop thinking about what to do and start taking action based on what has worked for others like you?

What could that be like for your growth trajectory? I’ll tell you what it could be like...

Here are some recent posts from the #wins channel in the Ditcherville Slack (names withheld to protect the awesome):

Since starting in this group, I’ve converted an hourly client to a monthly retainer, signed on another monthly retainer, and scaled back my remaining hourly client from 75% to 60% of my work time. Still have a ways to go, but the progress feels great! Thanks for all the helpful advice!

A milestone: I just won my first project, where the lead came from my podcast! It’s a fixed-price discovery project. A very healthy amount, and in Euros. Perhaps 6-8 weeks of work. 🎉

We just sold our first $5k/mo dev-as-a-subscription client (and we don’t even have our site updated). I had an inbound lead, I explained how it worked, and they said, "Send us the link to signup."

I’ve been thinking about and planning a daily list since December, and I just pushed the button in ConvertKit to fire off my first welcome sequence tomorrow! Finally!

The first client that I got on a value-based proposal just asked me to send over a proposal for a second engagement starting when the first one ends.

I just locked in my first advisory offering!

My new course has increased my monthly passive earnings by about 5X last month, with only one week being live, and is on track to 10X my earnings this month. We are talking around $1k, but that’s HUGE for me because 6 courses were only breaking $100-200 per month.

I just got my first major potential client outreach from a person who only knows me from the newsletter and podcast that I have been running for 6 months.

Just finishing up my first paid proposal. I don’t know why I ever did it any other way. To really get to the "meat" of what you need to do, it’s a good bit of work, especially if you are evaluating previous work, etc.

Win! We interviewed Seth Godin today without me sounding like a drooling super fan 😉 LOL

Okay, that last one was from me 😜

Here’s the thing...

It’s so easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis when you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of.

It’s so easy to settle for the status quo when you don’t have anyone to call you on your BS.

It’s so easy to get demoralized when you see things working for other people but have no idea how they did it.

If you’re tired of all that, I hope you’ll consider joining us in Ditcherville.

Enroll in my coaching community right now and get instant access to the answers you need to get your business unstuck.

Month, yearly, and lifetime options are now available.


I hope to see you there!



P.S. Not a fan of group interactions? There’s also a private backchannel coaching option that gives you unlimited 1:1 access to me in Slack.