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Stop reading this quote and hire Jonathan. If you’re still not sure, call me and I’ll read this quote to you again.

Sean Boyce, Founder, NxtStep Consulting

How does Backchannel work?

First, we have a kickoff call to get aligned on where you are, where you want to go, and what an appropriate strategy might be for getting there.

Then, you can ask me anything 24/7 via private “our eyes only” direct messages in Slack. I’ll get back to you within one business day (but usually faster during business hours).

Jonathan is worse than my old rugby coach. Comfort zone? What comfort zone?! It is great having a sounding board from someone you like AND respect. He fundamentally changed the direction of my future for the better.

Kevin Whelan

Who is Backchannel designed for?

Backchannel is probably a good fit if you want to...

Bonus points if...

Jonathan - I used your proposal as a template for a job I pitched yesterday. Not only did they LOVE it, they picked the highest priced option and want to put me on retainer after the final project payment. Because of your instruction this month, I had the balls to ask, and the client didn’t bat an eye. Thanks!

Lisa Ellington

What can I ask in Backchannel?

You can ask me anything you want, but typical topics of discussion include:

Amazing talk today, Jonathan! In one fell swoop you have solved a few of my biggest frustrations (niggly scope creep, competing on price, etc.)

Meredith Eisenberg

I still have questions!

Great! I have answers :-)

Can we talk on the phone/Zoom?

Other than our initial kickoff call, Backchannel does not include real-time voice communication.

If you feel the need to have regular calls, my $25,000 four-month private coaching program would be a better fit.

Is there any outline or structure for the Backchannel engagement?

Yes and no. Backchannel is based on you contacting me when you’re stuck and have questions, so the communication is unstructured Q&A. However, we begin the engagement with a kickoff call where we define an objective, strategy, and tactics that will guide our direction together, which provides a structure for your progress.

How does Backchannel work from the outset?

After the kickoff call, there’s generally a pretty clear roadmap with specific near-term todos. As you work through those, new possibilities arise and we tackle those as they appear. Assuming a clear objective, I can be quite prescriptive about your tasks.

Can I ask you for feedback on proposals, sales pages, opt-in forms, etc?

Yes! Reviewing proposals, sales pages, opt-in forms, podcast sites, and so on are all fair game.

What if I can’t start right away?

You can pay any time to secure your spot, and then pick whatever kickoff date you like. The clock won’t start ticking until we have our meeting.

What if I’m just starting out with my business?

Something like my $25k private coaching program would probably be overkill for someone just starting out, but Backchannel would be an excellent way to get started on right foot. People often make lots of avoidable mistakes when they haven’t had much experience running a business.

I STILL have questions!

If you have questions that I haven’t answered here, please email me right now at and I’ll reply ASAP.

I highly recommend working with Jonathan, especially if you’re looking to move upmarket, charge for value, and move to a more premium positioning. With small adjustments to how you sell and price your offer thanks to Jonathan, you will see ROI in the thousands (or tens of thousands) on your very next sale.

Sam Shepler

I would never be where I am now–in this short amount of time–without Jonathan’s assistance. So, the return on investment from that perspective is priceless.

— Katherine P

Jonathan should have a warning label on his head. His advice will shake your world.

David Trejo

How do I get started with Backchannel?

The fee for Backchannel is $4,500 for six months, or you can do a full year for $7,500. It’s not uncommon for my students to recoup more money than this after working together on a single proposal.

You can get started using the button below but before you decide, let me say this...

An open mind is required. You need to be prepared to change habits, routines, and processes that you’ve been addicted to for years.

Change can be scary. It’s hard for everyone. But if you want things to be better, you have to change something.

If you think you’re ready, here’s the link to get access:

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Not sure?

If you’re not 100% confident that I can help you improve your business AND increase your profitability WITHOUT hiring employees, try a Ditcherville group membership first.

Your questions won’t be private, but you should get a sense very quickly of whether I can help with your situation.

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To ensure high quality and responsiveness, Backchannel is limited to a maximum of 10 participants. Act now to secure your spot.

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