March 8, 2023

Restructuring agency billing and pricing models with Jonathan Stark

Drew McLellan invited me to join him on Build A Better Agency to talk about restructuring pricing models to focus more on the value than an average billable hourly rate.


Since the audience for the podcast is agency owners, the focus was a little different than you might have heard from me on other shows.

Here’s the summary from Drew’s site:

If you’re tired of assessing your agency’s project values based on an average hourly rate and having your team constantly updating timesheets, you’ll want to take some notes on this episode. Today’s topic is all about restructuring pricing models to focus more on the scope value rather than an average billable hourly rate.

Our guest, Jonathan Stark, is a former software developer on a mission to rid the world of hourly billing. He’ll teach us to reevaluate the work scopes we’re pitching to prospects and customize it so you can focus on their actual needs rather than what they think they need.

By using this method, you will not only remove the headache of hourly billing but also have better conversations with prospects, establish yourself as a thought leader, and have the potential to increase your profit exponentially — just by changing this small aspect of your sales and discovery calls.

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