January 25, 2023

Increasing Awareness In Your Target Market

People don’t buy stuff they’re not aware of.

So if nobody in your chosen target market is aware of your offerings (i.e., your products and/or services), then they obviously can’t buy them.

So how do you make potential buyers aware of your offerings?

You could interrupt them with ads or spam them with emails or cold call them on the phone, but...

I’m guessing you’d rather not do those sorts of things.

These approaches CAN work, but they can signal desperation which makes it hard to present yourself as a trusted authority in your space.

What can you do instead?

Show up in the market and help help help your ideal buyers as much as you can for free.

Since helping people for free doesn’t pay the bills, you need to find ways to do it that scale like crazy and require minimal effort.

You are lots of ways to do this, but generally speaking, my three defaults for expertise-based businesses are:

When used together, these three tactics can create a virtuous cycle that increases awareness, conversations, word of mouth, invitations to speak, and, sooner or later, inbound leads.



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