December 28, 2022

Simple but hard

Over the years of helping people transition from billing to pricing, I have come to draw a distinction between easy vs simple (and their opposites, hard vs complex).

For example, lifting an engine block with your bare hands is hard (i.e., it’s not easy to do), but it’s not complex (i.e., it’s a simple idea).

Why does this matter?

Because when it comes to ditching hourly billing, what really needs to change is one’s mindset.

Changing your mindset is simple conceptually, but in my experience, it is extremely hard for most people.

Here’s the thing...

When faced with a “simple but hard” situation, it’s not uncommon for people to act as if the undertaking is complex when really it’s just hard.

This can lead to wasting a ton of time overcomplicating things by thinking and researching endlessly in an attempt to understand something that is actually pretty simple.