October 19, 2022

How To Ask A Rockstar To Blurb Your Book

Writing a book is a tried and true way to build your authority.

So, most folks who are building an expertise-based business will almost certainly write a book eventually.

A common question for first-time authors is:

How can I get famous people to blurb my new book?


Because getting a blurb from a luminary in your space can make the difference between a potential reader taking a chance on your book or passing it by without a second thought.

But how would you get a rockstar to blurb your book if you’re a relative unknown?


Well, duh... obviously.

But then the question becomes:

How do you ask in a way that might actually work?

When you eventually do write your first book, here’s a permalink to an email outreach template you could try:

How To Ask A Rockstar To Blurb Your Book