How To Ask A Rockstar To Blurb Your Book

Getting a blurb from a luminary in your space can make the difference between a potential reader taking a chance on your book or passing it by without a second thought.

But how would you get a rockstar to blurb your book if you’re a relative unknown?


But then the question becomes:

How do you ask in a way that might actually work?

Here’s one email outreach template you could try:

SUBJECT: RE: {thing they believe that aligns with the book}

You probably get random requests all the time, so I’ll totally understand if you delete this message unread :-)

Based on {thing they published}, I understand that you’re on a mission to {thing they believe that aligns with the book}.

My new book aligns with your mission and I’d greatly appreciate your expert feedback on one particular point.

It’s fine to say no but… would you have 5 minutes to read an excerpt?

If so, just reply with a yes/thumbs up and I’ll send over a link.

Either way, thanks for fighting the good fight to make {thing} better for {group}!


—{your first name}

Author of {your new book title}

About {your first name}: {link to press/about page}

If you get back a yes, send over an excerpt.

If they give you positive feedback, thank them for the kind words...

...and ask if you can quote them :-)