June 9, 2022

Success story from Geraldine Carter

Fellow list member, private coaching student, and CPA savior Geraldine Carter sent in an amazing success story that I hope will inspire you to find some time to work ON your business instead of just IN your business (shared with permission, bold mine):

I was a little unsure if coaching would be worth it, and that I could really get the results I was hoping for. Jonathan’s more known in the techie space, and I’m way over here in the accounting space. So I wasn’t sure it would work. But he’s so smart and everything I heard him say on his podcast seemed so… pragmatic… that I couldn’t resist.

It’s hard to even describe how much my business has morphed and improved over the 18 months we’ve been working together.

It used to be that I was mostly breaking even, but every month was something of a nail-biter, hanging on a hope and a prayer that a new client would find me. The suspense was killing me, and not in a good way.

Now, I know exactly how I help my clients, and they know exactly how to find me. I have moved from having my 1:1 be 50% full, to SOLD OUT, to WAIT LIST. I just did my first group program, and am headed into offering a high-ticket Mastermind.

I have more than enough opportunities around me, and I’ve had to learn to turn down all but the best clients. (It’s hard to believe I just typed that.)

This new Mastermind offering puts my business in position to scale, with continued decreasing direct effort from me. Suddenly, I can see the day where I work 15 hours a week, and make 10x the money I was making two years ago.

And… no W-2 employees. (!!!!)

What’s even more fun is that my clients get great results, and I know that because of the work we do together, their clients get great results. The ripples just keep going out. Because it’s not only about money. Knowing that more business owners get better financial guidance from their money person, lights my candle.

And honestly, what this means for me in my life is that I get to go to a place where I am grateful for everything I have, instead of gripping what I had, because I was never sure when I’d be able to generate a new invoice.

Beyond that, there’s a new level of peace of mind that has settled in, because now I know how to create my castle, and if for some terrible reason I lost everything, it would be fine, I’d just rebuild. No.Big.Deal… I don’t worry anymore.

If you had told me 18 months ago, that I would arrive at this destination I don’t have a name for, I would have told you you were reading too many Dr. Seuss books.

But I can promise you it’s a real thing. Maybe it’s the land of “I know exactly how to make more than enough money while providing great value to clients I love, without having to toil away all the time.” It’s the best. I consider my passport, stamped.

Honestly, I can’t thank Jonathan enough for helping me change the very nature and quality of my business, and my life.

OMG stories like this make my day! Thanks so much to Geraldine for sharing her experience.

I hope it is an inspiration for others who are maybe having “nail biter” months worrying about when they’ll be able to send their next invoice.

There is light at the end of the tunnel once you start working ON your business instead of just IN it.



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