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Not Sure How to Grow Your Business?

You’ve been working for yourself for the better part of a decade and you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel. You’re making a good living but you never seem to get ahead. You’re nearing middle age and your future still has you baffled. You see a million opportunities, but have no idea which ones to pursue. Privately, you fear you might be better off by giving up and taking a desk job.

Imagine Having A Clear Long-Term Strategy

Imagine stepping off the hamster wheel. Increasing your income without working more. Having a clear long term strategy. Knowing which opportunities to pursue and which to avoid. Proving to yourself that going out on your own was a great decision.

Private Coaching Will Show You The Way

My private coaching program is for folks just like you who are looking to increase their profits, attract better clients, and have a bigger impact.

Benefits of Private Coaching

...and a slew of tactics like writing sales pages, setting up marketing automation, landing speaking gigs, selling advisory retainers, building productized services, writing project proposals, negotiating project prices, controlling scope creep, managing deadlines, and so on.

The Big Picture

TL;DR—You get six months of private and unlimited 24/7 access to me via Slack, phone, or email.

The program includes:

You can contact me any day or time with questions. I reply within 24 hours but usually more like 90 minutes during business hours.

Kickoff Meeting Agenda

Accountability Calls

The Fine Print


My private coaching is a six-month program. The investment is $11,500.00 for solo consultants and $18,000 for agency/firm owners who would like to include a business partner or members of their leadership team. It’s not uncommon for my coaching students to recoup their entire investment after working together on a single proposal.

You can apply using the button below but before you do, let me first say this...

Coaching is not for everyone. We go deep. You need to be prepared to change habits, routines, and processes that you’ve been addicted to for years.

Change can be scary. It’s hard for everyone. But if you want things to be better, you have to change something. If you think you’re ready, here’s the link to apply:

Apply Now

100% Money-Back Guarantee

It’s free to apply and there’s no risk or obligation. If you are accepted into my coaching program, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. I don’t want your money if we’re not a good fit. If you’re not happy with our kickoff call for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full.

But Don’t Take My Word For it...

Here’s what other folks have said:

Amazing talk today, Jonathan! In one fell swoop you have solved a few of my biggest frustrations (niggly scope creep, competing on price, etc.)

Meredith Eisenberg

I would never be where I am now–in this short amount of time–without Jonathan’s assistance. So, the return on investment from that perspective is priceless.

Katherine P

I wish I could turn back the clock and I would have hired Jonathan when I first started my business - it would have saved me years of struggling. I always thought I could do everything on my own - but I hit a wall and realized I needed help to get to next level of my own game.

Geneve Hoffman, 16 Hoops

Damnit, I wish I had the Stark mojo two months ago!

Chris Ferdinandi

Jonathan gave me a blueprint of exactly how to lay out a proposal, step by step, follow the numbers. Having this blueprint means now when I create a proposal I just have to follow the plan, check the boxes and I’m done. (Ok it takes a little more effort but that’s how easy Jonathan has made it now).

Casey Stevens, KissAutomation

Jonathan, you finally convinced me to drop the hourly rate. I’m done. I’ve now sent out two quotes without hourly rates. Just wanted to say thank you.

Greg Colker, founder & owner of In Media Res

Jonathan is a wonderful coach. He goes out of his way to help you and will ask and and say the things that – though you might not always want to hear them – are crucial to being successful.

Don Levan, Vanguard CS

Jonathan coached me on refining my business’s positioning to better address my dream clients. End result? I’m making more money, working with better clients, and much happier. His insight and business advice is incredibly valuable.

Kai Davis, author of The Traffic Manual

Looking For More?

Check out these long-form testimonials from past coaching program students:

Still have questions?

Q: How do I know if I’m a good fit for coaching?

People who will get the most out of coaching are folks who have an established business and are doing pretty well, but have been plateaued for a year or more and aren’t sure what to do about it. If your intellectual curiosity and talent cause you to wander from task to task prior to completion, and you require more urgency in creating results, you will probably benefit from the accountability that comes with this program.

Q: What do I have to do to qualify?

This program is geared toward folks who have an established income from self-employment. It is for people who have clients and income but feel like they’re on a hamster wheel. Making a living but not getting ahead. Unsure of what to do to get to the next level.

If you haven’t yet gone out on your own, or are desperate for work because of cash flow issues, my private coaching program probably wouldn’t be a good investment.

May I speak with a couple references about their time with you?

Sure. Here’s a link to my testimonials page with contact info:

Down at the very bottom are links to long form testimonials from past students.

I realize not everyone’s equal. What is the average student’s ROI after completing coaching with you?

The bottom line ROI depends greatly on the student.

At the high end, I’ve had students land deals in the mid six-figures for six months of work and folks landing five-figure per month advisory retainers.

At the low end, I’ve had people not commit to the work and get little direct financial ROI. But even those folks are happy with the educational aspect and sense of control they gain over their business.

How long are the accountability calls?

They’re usually around an hour.

Do we have to use Slack for the accountability calls?

No. We can use a different voice channel if you have a strong preference.

Can we use video for the accountability calls?

I prefer not to use video for accountability calls because I take a lot of notes during the session. I find that video tends to slow things down and can be distracting.

What happens after I pay?

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be presented with a calendar link to schedule a kickoff call. On our kickoff call, we will agree to a game plan, share private contact info, set your first assignment, and pick a regular time for our accountability calls.

Q: I still have questions!

Just shoot me an email and ask:

Who wrote this page, anyway?

Hi! I’m Jonathan Stark and I was software consultant for the better part of fifteen years. I’ve given sold out talks on three continents, I am the author of five books, and I have helped brands like Staples, Time, T-Mobile, and others with their software strategy, tactics, and training. (You can check out my press page for more info.)

Jonathan Stark

In my first year as a solo consultant, I doubled my income by ditching hourly billing for value pricing. I have over a decade of real-world experience successfully applying value-based theories to my own consulting work and that of 100+ developers I have counseled. These days I routinely command an effective hourly rate of $2000+ per hour.

The unconscious acceptance of hourly billing as the best and only option for selling services is a collective hallucination that literally keeps me up at night. In fact, I consider it my mission in life to rid the earth of hourly billing. Care to join me? You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Now is the time

I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Don’t waste another year moving one inch in every direction.

Apply Now

Don’t worry, there’s no risk or obligation and it’s free to apply.

Act Now. Seriously.

My private coaching program is only available to a select group of individuals. Once coaching sells out, it’ll be at least six-months before there’s another opening.



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