January 13, 2022

“How do you value price an outcome that can’t be measured in dollars?” and more…

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In today’s group coaching live session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Good stuff!

Here are just a few of the actual questions I answered today:

I’ve just finished making a lead magnet and want to start sending it to connections on LinkedIn in my niche. What approach would you use here? My first thought was to send a link to the lead magnet and mention that I’m looking for feedback from experts like them. Although I’d like to send them a lead gen page, that seems too pushy for a cold connection. (timestamp: 7m6s)

How would you approach pricing services when the value you bring isn’t (or isn’t primarily) financial? I help organizations both design more equitably and produce more equitable outcomes. There can certainly be a business case for this (Google’s Product Inclusion lead wrote an entire book about it), but a lot of companies hire me/my peers for values-based and ethical reasons. (timestamp: 15m0s)

What is the best way to identify expensive problems a vertical or demographic faces? I am trying to decommoditize my dev shop and specialize is solving one specific hard and expensive problem but having issues identifying which vertical to go after and how to identify and scope a problem. Thanks (timestamp: 27m54s)

I want to offer some productized services (paid pick-my-brain calls, training, monthly advisory service, etc.). I wonder if I should publish the prices for these services on my website. None of the other companies that work in my niche do this. I still sometimes get (hourly) work through an agency and I’m not sure if publishing prices could disturb my relationship with them somehow. (timestamp: 51m20s)

Using your proposal template, do you ever give folks the option to stop work after the advisory phase if their needs have changed? Do you include an early term fee, or just bake it in and not worry about it? I know they’re supposed to pay up front but my gut is they’re going to want to spread it out. (timestamp: 84m50s)

(If you’re curious, you can review the entire list here)

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