December 17, 2021

Remembering To Look

Fellow list member Jebra Turner replied to a recent email where I asked:

“What would it do for your business if you gave a gift to someone every day?”

Here’s what Jebra wrote (shared with permission):

Wait, wait, wait...what?!?

Do you mean a for-real, tangible gift that goes out to only one person on your list? Or are you speaking metaphorically?

I’m intrigued! :D

Jebra Turner

I mean helping one (or more!) people every day.

It could take the form of something physical like sending someone a book that you think they’d love,

or taking 15 minutes to type out a brilliant answer to a question on Stack Overflow,

or forwarding an article to someone who you think really needs to read it,

or introducing two friends who you think might make great collaborators,

or letting someone pick your brain about something they’re thinking about starting,

or donating to a friend’s charity,

or helping someone move a couch,

or giving a five star review to a podcast you love,

or introducing yourself to the new kid and showing them around,

or... a million other things.

Here’s the thing...

Opportunities to help other people will jump out at you as soon as you start looking for them.

The trick is remembering to look.