April 27, 2022

What’s Your Promise?

If you want to start a daily writing habit, it helps to have a “sun” in the center of your content solar system to keep you focused and on topic, without running out of ideas and getting repetitive.

When you’re trying to find your sun (i.e., your central theme), a good approach is to make a big list of planets (i.e., topics in your area of expertise) and start writing about them every day while you look for the big idea that binds them all together.

But, doesn’t this mean you can write about whatever you want?

Well... yes and no.

You are the one making the list of topics you’re going to write about, so yeah... in one sense, you can add anything you want to the list.

On the other hand...

When someone comes to the signup form for your mailing list, you need to set their expectations about what’s in it for them if they subscribe.

In other words...

If they give you a few of their minutes every day, what will you give them in return?

In short...

What’s your promise?

The idea is to always try to make the reader glad they spent the time to read your message.

By making a promise up front about what’s in it for them, and then keeping that promise everyday, you’ll build a loyal audience.

You can include whatever topics or angles or personal anecdotes that you want, as long as you don’t break the promise.