December 18, 2021

Unique And Desirable

The central post office in Providence is enormous. Probably bigger than a football field.

It’s the last place mail goes before it leaves Rhode island, so dropping your stuff off there decreases the number of hops between you and your recipient.

Since we’re getting pretty close to Christmas, I went there today to mail our holiday cards in hopes of them arriving before the 25th.

As I rounded the corner from the parking lot, I saw that I wasn’t the only person who was late getting their holiday stuff shipped.

The place was packed.

The line snaked all around the large lobby and out the door onto the sidewalk.

People had been waiting so long that many had placed their packages on the ground and would shuffle them along with their feet as the line inched forward.

The question is:

Why did they wait?

They could have gone to a bunch of other drop off points nearby that presumably would have been a lot less busy.

But the central post office offered something unique that they wanted bad enough to wait for it:

Increased likelihood of delivery before Christmas.

Here’s the thing...

Imagine offering something so UNIQUE and DESIRABLE to your ideal buyers that they lined up and waited for a turn to buy it from you.

That would be transformational, right?

You could increase your fees AND work only with the best clients AND enjoy a predictable flow of income.

All at once.

The trick?

You need to find something that is both UNIQUE and DESIRABLE to offer to your ideal buyers.

That’s it.