October 14, 2021

Playing Better Games

If you think of everything you do in your business as a game you’re playing, then it becomes easier to recognize that you could quit games you aren’t enjoying and play games that you like better instead.

For example:

Let’s say you spent $100k and three years of your life to become a lawyer, only to discover that you absolutely hate the business of law...

You should probably stop playing the lawyer game.


Let’s say you spent ten years slowly increasing your hourly rate from $100/hr to $175/hr, but you still feel like you’re drowning...

You should probably stop playing the “trading time for money” game.


Let’s say you have spent a decade steadfastly refusing to specialize, but you recognize that your competitors are getting younger and cheaper every day...

You should probably stop playing the generalist game.

Here’s the thing...

If you have felt trapped for a long time, it’s almost certain that you are pacing around in a cage that isn’t locked.

Leaving the cage might feel scary, and it might require making some tough decisions, but.. it might be exactly what you need to do.