February 6, 2021

Money is fuel

Fellow list member Raphaël Huck wrote in to share a couple of short videos from Simon Sinek that align with the “purpose of business” conversation we’ve been having recently. Here’s Raphaël’s note (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan,

I find Simon Sinek really inspiring on the subject of purpose.

Short video on businesses where he cites Adam Smith and Milton Friedman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNwHqrjB4rM

This one is great too https://youtu.be/ACZhpCdfEdY?t=119 and the analogy with the car starting at 02:03 similar to yours with oxygen.

Also, I wanted to say I love your idea about building a community. I really believe in communities and the value they provide to everyone.



Both videos are under five minutes and worth taking a look at.

Thanks Raphaël!