November 15, 2019

Just be awesome

Sent by Jonathan Stark on November 15th, 2019

A bunch of good friends of mine were having a conversation the other day about tweaking email subject lines to improve open rates.

I respect these folks deeply. They’re smart and they’re compassionate. Their hearts are in the right place. And I agree that “email open rate” is a reasonable thing to discuss. 

But a small internal part of me was screaming:

“Forget that sh*t!!! Just be awesome! You can write stuff that will blow people’s minds! Trigger epiphanies! Transform people’s thinking!”

Sure, I get it. If people aren’t opening your emails then you can’t blow their minds.

But if you blow one person’s mind, they’re going to forward your email to a few friends. 

And friends open emails from friends 


Would you rather spend your time thinking about a/b testing subject lines, or getting better at blowing people’s freaking minds?