July 6, 2019

Follow up to The One Thing from reader Federico Tomassetti

Sent by Jonathan Stark on July 7th, 2019

Reader Federico Tomassetti sent in this excellent anecdote in response to my recent message about connecting with passersby by focusing on just one thing (shared with permission, bold mine):

Hi Jonathan, This remind me of something I experienced yesterday. I rented an apartment on the Alps and I found it to be visited by wasps. I do not know about you but I am not a big fan of them. So I went to the supermarket looking for an insecticide. There were several but one of them had written all over “wasps” in big letters. I picked it and read the instructions on the back. It was just like any other insecticide in the shop: something that could be used on any insect. However I was specifically interested in getting rid of wasps. I wondered if it was any better than the others to kill wasps but given I had no other information I picked it as it was the only one that seemed specifically designed for my problem. I did not even look at the price differences until the very end. It cost twice as much as the others but when I looked at the price I had already made my decision and in any case I was glad to pay 10 euros instead of 5 if that could possibly increase my chances while fighting with wasps. For all that I know all the insecticides I saw could be exactly the same and still one reassured me a bit more as it named my problem specifically. Cheers, Federico

I have plenty of similar anecdotes. They usually crop up when I’m buying a product or service that I’m not an expert with, like insecticide or a hose nozzle or an air conditioner or car detailing or squirrel removal or personal training.

Here’s the thing…

Ideally, your buyers aren’t experts at what you do. Therefore, they need you to connect the dots for them in your marketing by focusing on the pain they are experiencing that you can help them solve.

IF you’re not getting enough leads, AND the ones that you do get don’t exactly understand how they’ll be better off after they work with you, THEN it’s going to be pretty hard to charge premium fees.