July 5, 2019

The One Thing

Sent by Jonathan Stark on July 6th, 2019

There’s an Irish pub near my house that probably has about fifty beers on the menu. But on the sandwich board out on the sidewalk, they only ever mention one.

On a hot summer day, “the one” will be something like, “Ice Cold Bud Light”

Around the winter holidays, “the one” will be something like, “Nutmeg Porter”

And of course, as St. Patrick’s day approaches, “the one” will be something like, “Guinness On Tap”

Is the sandwich board lying by omission? No.

Is the sandwich board attempting to manipulate the reader? No.

Is the sandwich board “dumbing down” the pub experience? No.

Is the sandwich board suggesting that the pub only sells one beer? No.

Is the sandwich board marginalizing all the other beers (and food and music and service) that the pub offers? No.

With the sandwich board, the pub owner is simply trying to make a connection between what they offer and what someone walking by might have on their mind.

Once a connection is made, server and guest can engage in a conversation about specific wants, needs, preferences, options, approaches, and so forth to help ensure that a pleasurable outcome is achieved.

Here’s the thing…

When you’re trying to initiate a connection with someone as they “pass by” your website or podcast or newsletter or book or whatever, it makes a lot of sense to highlight the one thing that is probably on their mind.

You can tell them about all the other stuff later.