June 3, 2019

Productized services in the wild

Sent by Jonathan Stark on June 4th, 2019

It’s hard to think of a bigger bastion of hourly billing than the legal profession, right?

Well, check this out…

One of my private coaching students sent me a link to this law firm that has totally drunk the Koolaid re “Hourly Billing Is Nuts”:

Westaway—Legal services for social entrepreneurs

If you visit Westway’s pricing page, what you will find is a list of what I would refer as productized services.

Here’s a quick definition from my student glossary:

Productized Service—A fixed-scope high-touch service that you offer at a published price. It’s fundamentally a service, but with product-like benefits that allow you to optimize the packaging, pricing, marketing, sales, delivery, and follow-up.

Productized services are great because they allow buyers to self-select. This decreases the need for you to have highly developed sales skills. At most, a prospect might email you to ask which productized service would be best for their situation… but most of the time they just pick one and buy it.

Here are a few more great examples of productized services in the wild:

If a lawyer - and a marketer and dev shop and a design firm and an analytics expert - can do this, so can you.