June 4, 2019

Reader question from Mike Riley: “Could you have a two-pronged approach?”

Sent by Jonathan Stark on June 6th, 2019

Reader Mike Riley wrote in to ask the following (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan. This email (i.e., “Solution-first thinking vs problem-first thinking”) got me thinking. Could you have a two-pronged approach (problem-first and solution-first)? As a web developer, I’m open to freelance jobs, contract positions, and full-time positions. I’ve found it difficult to find a happy medium on how I market myself. I want non-technical clients to know what problems I can solve, but I want technical clients to know what my skillset is. I’ve toyed with having two portfolio websites. One that is non-technically focused and starts from a problem-first focus, and one that showcases my skillsets for potential employers/contracts. I’d be interested to know your thoughts here. Thanks for the email list! Mike

Thanks for the question, Mike!

My thoughts:

I hope that helps!