July 14, 2018

Why risk death at a trampoline park?

There is a new trampoline park right next to the karate school my kids and I go to. We drive past it up to four times each week.

It has been under construction for about nine months, during which time my kids would relentlessly ask me:

“Is it open yet?!?!”

Last month, it FINALLY it opened.

And so we went.

After signing a bunch of waivers that I didn’t read at all, I noticed a big sign right by the cubbies where the kids store their shoes. It says:

“Jumping on trampolines can result in DEATH, and PARALYSIS, and other SERIOUS INJURIES!!!”

And yet... the place is full of jumping kids.


Why would seemingly rational adults PAY MONEY to put their kids at risk of DEATH, PARALYSIS, and SERIOUS INJURIES?

I’ll tell you why...

Because it’s wicked fun.

Here’s the thing...

I believe in the cliche that without risk, there is no reward.

In the case of trampolines, the rewards might be things like fun or joy or exhilaration or satisfaction.

Or in the case of your business, the rewards might be money or status or security or peace of mind.

But whatever reward you’re looking for, I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’re going to have to take some risks to achieve it.

Which raises the questions:

Hit reply and let me know.



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