March 4, 2017

Would I be happier if the agency took MORE time to deliver?

Last week, I paid an agency a $2800 flat fee to design and build a new website for my mobile business.


The entire project took about a week.

I estimate that the agency spent about ten hours total on it.

This gives the agency an effective hourly rate of $280/hr for web design.

Certainly a respectable profit for the agency.


I’m delighted by the new site.

The new site is dramatically more persuasive than my old site.

Everything I sell costs more than $2800, so if it delivers one additional client it’ll pay for itself.

I’m confident that the new site will pay for itself within 3 months.

I’d be surprised if the new site didn’t pay for itself tenfold within 18 months.


Q: Would I be happier if the agency took MORE time to deliver?

A: No.

Q: Would I be happier if I had done the new site myself? (I’m a web developer, after all...)

A: Hell no! TBH, I’d prolly never have shipped it, and if I even had... it wouldn’t be as good because it would lack outside perspective.

Q: Am I the only person on planet earth that has more money than time?


Find people like me. We make great clients.



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