February 24, 2017

“How to price design services” by Chris Do

You should check this out...

I just watched this presentation by a guy named Chris Do from a design firm called Blind.

He talks about how to price design services.

If you’ve been on my list a while, a lot of it will sound VERY familiar to the advice I give about selling dev services... but as applied to design.

Here’s the link:


(The line about Paul Rand doing a “million dollar” logo design in exchange for a sandwich is solid gold)

It’s amazing how two people (me and Chris), who come from different backgrounds, and have never spoken to each other, end up coming to such similar conclusions.

All stuff you’ve heard me banging on about forever.

It’s almost like there’s a FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH that underlies both of our business philosophies ;-)

Please feel free to forward to your designer friends.