March 5, 2017

“How will you measure whether the site paid for itself?”

As you may recall from yesterday’s message, I recently paid $2800 for a brand new website and said that “I’m confident that the new site will pay for itself within 3 months”.

A few folks wrote in with questions like:

These seem like perfectly reasonable questions on the surface but they miss the underlying reality.

I’m not going to measure the ROI of the site based on my bottom line.

I don’t need to measure anything.


Because the site already delivered a positive ROI.

If it ends up paying for itself, that’s just gravy.

You’re probably thinking, “Wha...?”

Here’s the thing:

I did not buy potential increased sales (which may or may not materialize, for dozens of reasons).

What I actually bought was the CONFIDENCE that the new site brings.

This confidence will permeate all of my research calls, outreach messages, and sales meetings.

And when my confidence goes up, my sales usually increase.

Another way to look at it is:

I paid $2800 to increase my confidence level.

Mission accomplished.