March 1, 2017

“How can I guarantee an ROI when my clients don’t heed my advice?”

Yesterday, I got a three questions in Slack from UX Strategy Consultant David Parmelee.

David graciously agree to let me share them with you. I’ll start with this one:

I do UX strategy and research, not implementation. During development, some of my clients have cut the most important features from the users’ perspective. They haven’t consulted me for these because of budget. How can I guarantee an ROI when my clients don’t heed my advice?

Great question!

ROI comes in many forms, not just bottom line return. (i.e., what’s the ROI on a latte?)

If you do strategy, the ROI does not come at the end of the implementation. It is immediate.

It can come in various forms depending on why the client paid for the strategy work:

The bigger the client and the riskier the project, the more important - and therefore, valuable - the strategy.

Tomorrow, I’ll answer David’s second question:

> How can someone who can’t be on call 24/7 offer retainers that aren’t defined as a block of hours?

Stay tuned!



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