February 3, 2017

Success story from reader Lisa Ellington

Reader Lisa Ellington wrote in to let me know about a recent success she had. I think you’ll find inspiring (shared with permission, bold mine):

Jonathan - I used your proposal as a template for a job I pitched yesterday. They LOVED it. Not only did they love it, they picked option 3 (the highest priced option) and want to put me on retainer after the final project payment. And as you suggested, I asked for 50%/50% with a set final payment date and they agreed - it’s freaking brilliant! Because of your instruction this month, I had the balls to ask, and the client didn’t bat an eye. I never thought about fixed date before but will never do it another way. Thanks!

Congrats Lisa! Thanks for sharing :)

Please note: As indicated by the client’s reactions in Lisa’s story, the techniques I advocate for growing your business are not just good for you - they are also good for your clients!