October 22, 2020

“Should I set standardized pricing for my creative services?” and more...

We had a 90+ minute marathon group coaching session today that touched on topics like:

We also brainstormed how to price a groundbreaking concept for global brands. It wasn’t easy, but we eventually came up with a novel approach to selling access to the idea without leaking it in advance.


Here are some of the questions I answered today:

Do you have any tips for how to improve with meeting facilitation? (timestamp: 1m 47s)

I have been a back-end /devops web-dev for quite a while, working mostly on either large ongoing projects, or as support for teams of developers. This means I have gotten sunk into trading time for money as this is the most common paradigm for this kind of work and its difficult to assign value when my role is so removed from the actual work being done. My question is, what steps can I take to start interfacing with clients firsthand, when my skillset has little to do with their perceived needs? (timestamp: 3m 32s)

When you’re in a sales call with a customer who is looking to create a new product, should you try and value price the whole project or just the first phase of an engagement? i.e. if I decided that a sensible first step would be to build a prototype, should I value price that? Or is this where a productized service makes more sense? And then following on from that, once you’ve delivered a prototype, should I value price the subsequent phase? (i.e. an MVP) (timestamp: 9m 18s)

Looking for ways to do get more eyes on my social media content. Would it be a good idea trying to start a video series of „Show“-Storyboarding sessions with interesting people? So they get to talk about their newest product for half an hour, and I get to show off my storyboarding skills. Most likely they already have figured their messaging out, and it wouldn’t be so much consulting from my side, but more a sketched exploration. (timestamp: 19m 5s)

Can you go over the benefits of daily emails? Both, benefits to you and benefits to subscribers. (timestamp: 22m 41s)

I have a client engagement with a unlimited access advisory retainer, who was my previous employer. The issue is, they are only using me about 1 hour a week. I have offered to review data, help to arrange organize experiments, help in strategy, but hardly any engineer has taken me up. I’m still treated like I was when I was an employee, in terms of authority. What can I do to deliver more value? I’m concerned that they will end the contract because of lack of need (at least how they see it). (timestamp: 38m 40s)

What are the reasons why leads would ghost you after an introductory call? How can you avoid this? Also, how do you get a reply from busy decision makers? (timestamp: 40m 10s)

Update Copy for a Lead Referral Page: my largest source of leads is an "Experts" page on a software’s website. There is a list of 10 consultant links, which will open a sales page. I am struggling to come up with the right length, structure and detail to present on my page. The page will have a CTA linking to my site. (timestamp: 45m 45s)

I’ve been working on my 1-liner formula: I am DISCIPLINE who helps TARGET MARKET w/ EXPENSIVE PROBLEM unlike my competitors UNIQUE DIFFERENCE. I’m stuck on the EXPENSIVE PROBLEM part. How to make it clear that this problem you have is expensive so that I can solve for that. Is there a talk, webinar, podcast where you go into some detail about that? (timestamp: 51m 23s)

I’m told that I should have a "signature" offer. It’s a fixed-price, fixed-scope, productized or packaged service that’s unique and sold at a premium flat rate. Signature offers are often sold as standalones. But do you recommend a three-option proposal preceded by a "why" conversation still? Or is it necessary since it’s well-positioned, practically presold, and can often be purchased in a single step (like via a "buy now" button)? I’m thinking of an audit-roadmapping bundle using my IP. (timestamp: 55m 14s)

I am planning to start a "gold" level engagement with a client. Basically, I am supposed to give them all I got. Any tips on how to manage this type of engagement? (timestamp: 59m 2s)

How to price an idea for groundbreaking concept for a global brand (high class hotel chain)? They haven’t asked for it - it is my initiative, I would reach out and pitch the concept. (timestamp: 68m 47s)

Do you see a benefit in setting standardized pricing for creative services, kind of like when you productize something. My video productions rarely go above $800. My web design projects teeter around $1500. (I’m certain I charge too little). Rather than come up with value based proposals for individuals, just have a range of preset options for people. (Easy pricing?) (timestamp: 82m 20s)

How you think about pricing roadmapping sessions for an MVP build. The deliverable is a set of requirements and wireframes. I find that clients don’t have a good handle on the value of their MVP. Their “billion dollar idea” hinges on it succeeding, but it might fail. Seems like knowing the value of a working MVP would determine the price of a roadmapping session. If that IS how you think about pricing the roadmap, how do you determine an MVP’s value to come up with a good value-based roadmap price? Or if you think about pricing the roadmap in some other way, can you share how you think about it? (timestamp: 86m 32s)

(If you’re curious, you can review the entire list of past questions here)

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