February 2, 2017

Reader question: “How do you balance running two completely different businesses?”

Reader Aviv Ben-Yosef sent in the follow question (shared with permission):

> How do you balance running two completely different businesses, one aimed at consultants and one at credit unions? Isn’t it hard maintaining authority and two unique audiences?

To be frank, it’s a pain in the ass :)

The only reason it’s feasible at all is that the mobile strategy business is very well established (e.g., over ten years in business). I have a small but steady (and high value) stream of repeat business from mobile strategy clients. Starting both businesses from scratch would be virtually impossible.

My recent change to focus my mobile strategy business specifically on CUs is an attempt to:

  1. Eat my own dogfood so folks on the list stop pointing at jonathanstark.com asking why I’m not following my own advice :-)
  2. Significantly increase my mobile strategy profitability so I spend more time working on business coaching

Thanks for the question Aviv!