January 11, 2017

Back to basics -> my guiding principle

The last dozen messages or so have been focused on specific tactics that you can use to leverage your expertise to create extremely high value and high profit offerings.

There have quite a few questions about these tactics, which I think I can best be addressed by shifting the conversation back to basics.

Here is my #1 guiding principle for building a thriving software consulting business:

Delivering 100% client satisfaction is the only thing that really matters.

All of my tactics are designed to be beneficial to the client first, and beneficial to me second.

These things are not tricks designed to screw my clients!

I genuinely believe - and can confidently articulate - why each and every one of these tactics is good for them.

Until you internalize the belief that these tactics are in your client’s best interest, you will be confused about how to convincingly execute any of them.

We clear? Great. K, moving on...

Tomorrow, I’ll share a key understanding that is fundamental to increasing your profits.