Captain’s log, stardate 20191113


You can’t just charge more

Sent by Jonathan Stark on November 14th, 2019

Value pricing is not a license to print money. 

Value pricing is simply a method for calculating a price based on the value to your buyer instead of the cost to you, the seller.

Therefore, your prices are limited by the value that the client places on your assistance. You can’t set a price that is higher than the value to the buyer and expect them to accept it. 

In other words, nobody’s going to pay more for something than what it’s worth to them. 

This is true whether you are selling a bottle of water or a pair of sneakers or a WordPress website or a content marketing strategy or a boudoir photo shoot or complete brand redesign.


Nobody is going to pay more for your offering than what it’s worth to them.

What this means is you can’t just charge more for whatever it is that you do. 

If what you sell isn’t worth very much to the clients you’re attracting, then you can’t charge very much for it. 

If what you’re selling is worth loads of money to the clients you’re attracting, then you can probably charge a lot for it.

Makes sense, right?




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