January 12, 2017

Back to basics -> clients don’t want your time

Yesterday, I shared the guiding principle of my business. In case you missed that message, here’s the TL;DR:

Delivering 100% client satisfaction is the only thing that really matters.

Today, I’ll share a key understanding that is fundamental to increasing your profits.

Clients DO NOT WANT your hours. What they DO WANT is a business outcome.

How much time it takes you to deliver a business outcome is irrelevant to your client.

In fact, the faster you can do it, the more it’s worth to them!

Take a second to think about the implications of this...

The hours it takes you to deliver this outcome are not what the client wants and are not what they are buying.

In fact, the fewer hours the better!

Delivering the desired outcome faster means more profit for the client (aka higher ROI).

I recognize that this concept - that working fewer hours is more valuable to the client - is utterly foreign to folks who bill by the hour.

That’s why I wrote a book about it :)