Testimonial from Geneve Hoffman

The following testimonial is from Geneve Hoffman, a student in my mentoring program.

Before joining Jonathan’s mentoring program, I was nervous about sharing my business ideas with anyone - I’ve always done everything on my own - been my own compass. I didn’t think I needed the help either - I have always been the top of my game and I wondered what someone else could teach me. But I had a new idea in new territory (was a photographer, wanted to build a business helping photographers) - and I knew I needed help.

Plus - to be honest, I didn’t really know what a business coach was - I always just thought “you open up a business and then you do it - case closed.” And some of my friends had hired consultants who talked too much about themselves or were overpowering.

I took the plunge after hearing Jonathan speak on Art of Value podcast - I listened to 30+ podcasts on there and the conversational yet confident way he talked about value pricing struck a nerve with me - I hired him (or rather, he let me hire him - haha - he normally works with software developers) after a quick email exchange.

I can’t believe how much I got done in the time that we started the mentoring sessions. I realized after working with Jonathan for a few weeks that my biggest obstacle to growth - was myself. I needed to have someone else to be accountable to - someone who could listen to all my ideas, give me unexpected and invaluable feedback, and keep me accountable and on task. I wouldn’t have my new business plan on track without his guidance and resources.

What I liked most was just the way he thinks - the written report, the extra services and chat room are all great - but it’s the weekly mentoring calls - just the way he is able to digest what I am saying, quickly fine tune it, and give me insight toward the solution that I found most enlightening. The biggest result I got out of all this was he pushed me into territory I would have never reached on my own - and I consider myself pretty savvy - but he always had me thinking critical angles I hadn’t considered. I always look forward to my sessions with Jonathan - he’s a very down to earth guy, and has a conversational, inviting way of speaking that always keeps us on task but still enjoyable - he’ll even throw in a few Star Wars parables just to keep it real (those are no extra charge, I believe).

There were other benefits as well...

  1. Mentoring kept me on track and moving forward;
  2. Jonathan pushed me out of my comfort zone - it’s like I left the small, comfortable pond of my photography world and am having these amazing eye-opening experiences in the wider business world that I would never have had if I had just hired another photographer consultant;
  3. It was so helpful having someone trustworthy, objective and even outside my industry who now knows my brand and my course exceptionally well inside and out - it’s just not the same as talking to a trusted colleague or friend - it’s very empowering to have someone completely outside my sphere that I pay to think for me - he’s part of my new “think tank” - and when you have a new and exciting idea - you need people around you who aren’t going to tell you what you want to hear. Jonathan does this in a thoughtful way. And - bonus round, on day one he totally got my random Silence of the Lambs joke. :)

I would highly recommend Jonathan’s mentoring program to anyone - Jonathan has a very real, human way of taking all your ideas and thoughts and experiments and very step by step transforming it all into a vibrant business plan that you will be proud of.

I wish I could turn back the clock and I would have hired Jonathan when I first started my business - it would have saved me years of struggling. I always thought I could do everything on my own - but I hit a wall and realized I needed help to get to next level of my own game.

Thanks, Geneve!

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– Jonathan