Testimonial from Sam Selikoff

The following testimonial was written by Sam Selikoff, a student in my private coaching program.

Sam (with his partner Ryan) is the founder of EmberMap, the creator of MirageJS, and a sought after consultant in the EmberJS space.

Here's what Sam had to say:

All sorts of things could have prevented me from applying to Jonathan's private coaching program... not having some extra cash, not having ongoing consulting work, not being near the beginning of some new potential consulting leads/projects. Fortunately for us, I decided to apply.

As a result, we ended up with:

I especially liked the ability to call on Jonathan whenever a new wrinkle developed with our larger consulting clients. It gave me the ability to navigate tougher situations where normally I feel it would have been easy for me and my business partner to be taken advantage of, not stand our ground, or end up in a contract that wasn’t serving our business needs.

Our bi-weekly accountability calls helped curb some of my indecision. It took a while but the regularity honed my focus. I had to justify to Jonathan every week why we were working on what we were working on. Often I would have TODOs and spend the week working on other things. Eventually I had to come to terms with this, to justify why we were spending time on other things, or be honest about what our true priorities were. We are in a really good spot + focus right now.

I would definitely recommend private coaching with JS for people who are open to changing how they work but want to rapidly develop their learning by benefiting from his decades of experience and crystal-clear communication about tricky consulting situations.

Jonathan is a great “board member” to have in your life. I genuinely looked forward to our conversations every time!

If you would like help getting your business to the next level, apply now to my private coaching program.